Do you want a Kindle fire HD8?


To show our appreciation for your overwhelming support of Resident Press this past year, we’re bringing the fire!

By “fire” we actually mean a Kindle fire HD8 (16gb), brand new, and unopened. You can even bookmark, and our social sites to stay connected to us. We’d love that!

Rules, are simple, and must be strictly followed to ensure your entry. This promotion ends at noon (12:00pm CST) on December 20, 2016, and the winner will be announced at 5:00pm. We’ll make arrangements for prize delivery, later that evening, or the next day, just in time for Christmas!

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13 Replies to “Do you want a Kindle fire HD8?”

  1. Terre says:

    Y’all keep up with alot of things going on here in Mansfield and with what’s happening with our kiddos 🙂 keep up the great work!!!!

  2. Thank you, Dollie!

  3. it’s about all community!

  4. We’re trying to not only bring something new, but something positive, and uplifting! Thank you, Nan

  5. Thank you, Margaret

  6. Patti Roets says:

    I love the news in the Resident Press!

  7. Margaret Mergen says:

    I love to know what’s going on and really enjoy reading resid7press

  8. Nan Guffey says:

    I especially like the connection you provide for our rural communities. I like knowing what good things are happening in our neighboring towns. Thank you!

  9. Tonya Phelps says:

    I love your local stories!

  10. Cortney Staton says:

    I appreciate what you guys an gals do for the community…

  11. Dollie Gage says:

    I enjoy reading your posts as they let me keep up with what is happening in our community.

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