Curious Grayson Proctor!


Grayson Proctor is just like any other young boy. This eleven-year-old boy likes online games, bugging his sister and it’s very hard to get him to slow down. Grayson got the acting bug last year when he tried out for a part in the Lavaca Middle School production of “CSI-Neverland.” He got the lead part.

Recently, Grayson got the courage to try out for other parts. He joined the Young Actors Guild and tried out for a part in the play “Curious George.” This will be performed in Van Buren’s Arts Center and Grayson entered the try-outs without knowing anyone in the building. He was chosen for a part, which is an achievement since his talent is unknown to the people across the river. It’s not a lead role but Grayson will be singing and dancing on stage. “I love the art of acting.” Grayson went on to say, “I want to be a famous movie or Broadway star!” His mom realizes the challenge of success and added to his words, “or a computer programmer?” Moms.

He’s already used to being in the front of the pack as he is active in his church and sings there. He’s involved in his 4-H Club and has been on Student Council for two years already.

Grayson is the son of Greg and Donna Hunter Proctor of Lavaca. They support their young son in his dreams but keep him level too. Grayson’s mother is his chauffeur and she has a full day herself as she takes him to practices in the afternoon after the last bell rings and on weekend rehearsals. She is a teacher at Lavaca Schools and has a full even without toting the young star.

Grayson was wearing a t-shirt advertising the play Curious George. On the back of the shirt it reads, “It’s wondrous! It’s fabulous! It’s Curious George!” His teachers may want to keep his autograph from his homework assignments because this young man may be famous someday. Then we will be hearing, “It’s wondrous! It’s fabulous! It’s Grayson Proctor!”

Go for it Grayson!
Break a leg!

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