CSI: Neverland – Lavaca Middle School Drama is huge success.


Photos by Amanda Hall

The Lavaca Middle School Drama Performed the play CSI: Neverland this weekend. The play was written by Wade Bradford. Synopsis: CSI meets Neverland in this merger of comedic mayhem. Murk and Tinker, Fairy Forensics Officers, investigate the mysterious murder of Peter Pantaloon’s shadow. The prime suspect is a local librarian that hates all things Hogwarts, Dr. Seuss, Narnia and made of candy. Various fictional characters make up the folly as the fairy detectives solve this wacky mystery.

Mrs. Hunt’s middle schoolers performed four times in three days with the last performance being this Sunday afternoon. A lot of work went into memorizing lines and learning their cues. These fifth through eighth graders put on a great show and they should all be proud. They were funny and stayed true to character, even when the props didn’t always cooperate. These kids were able to improvise when needed.

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