Council Set to Fill Mayor’s Seat


By Tammy Moore Teague

The bombshells resignation of Mansfield’s Mayor Larry Austin left many questions about the future of the city. Who will fill his shoes until November’s regular election, who will make that decision and when?

City Attorney, Matt Ketcham said that the council should appoint am interim mayor at the next regularly scheduled city council meeting.  Because Austin’s resignation isn’t effective until April 5th, it will not be until the April 12th that the council will discuss and ultimately decide who will fulfill the duties as mayor.

The only other option, which is neither cost effective or viable, is a special election. The city can expect a major shake up within its government with both the mayoral election and the option to re-elect three of the current sitting city council members.

Each ward in Mansfield has two positions. All position one’s are up for election this year, and those currently seated in those are Georganna Mabry, Rick McDaniel and Buddy Black. Black recently came on board to replace elected councilman Nathan Sterling. Sterling abruptly resigned his seat the night the council voted 5-1 to strip the mayor of some duties.

Austin served as mayor for the past three years, and is eight months shy of completing his elected term. Mabry, McDaniel and Black will accompany those making a bid for the mayor’s seat this November. The remaining three, Dave Johnson, Sheri Hopkins and Beverly Lyons will be up for re-election in 2020 and will accompany the office of city recorder/treasurer race.

Resident Press will be covering the campaigns of those who announce their bid for mayor.

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