Congratulations to All-State Cheerleader Rylie Green


Rylie Green. All State Cheerleader from Lavaca.

It’s been a great year for Lavaca Cheer! The Golden Arrow Cheer team has had Cheerleaders qualify as B2 All-Americans. One of which has had a big couple of weeks. Rylie Green is the freshman daughter of Amy and Justin Green. She has a great work ethic and is very coachable. Rylie was a big part of the Lavaca’s State Championship Cheer team. She just returned from San Antonio, where she performed at halftime of the Alamo Bowl, to find out that she has also, qualified as an All-State Cheerleader. With 3 more years at Lavaca High School, Rylie has a bright future in the sport. Lavaca Cheer Coach, Danelle Overton posted the following about Rylie’s accomplishment.

“She was moved all over the floor to different positions this competition season and kept a good attitude through it all. She also worked extremely hard to be able to pull a heel stretch by State to match Allie. As a coach, I couldn’t ask for more out of an athlete. Proud of you, Rylie!”

Rylie Green and Coach Overton

We at Resident Press want to offer our congratulations to Rylie Green for being named All-State in 2018! We look forward to watching you continue to perfect your talents and use those talents to lead your team to another State Championship.

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