Community Book Blessing Box at Lavaca Elementary


The Lavaca Elementary Student Council President, Aubree Hobbs, and Vice-President, Isis Nichols will be speaking with members of the Arkansas Department of Education on Monday. They will be be discussing how the LES Student Council has helped to promote reading in the school and community! Student Council members have worked towards putting in place a community Book Blessing Box located outside of Lavaca Elementary School. The Proposal gives the background of how this idea came about, along with the proposed location, purpose, and procedures. The overview states that Student Council Vice-President Isis Nichols presented the idea to the council. The Project Background reads, “Isis loves to read, and she knows that there are many other students in our school who love to read as well, but those students may not have the money to purchase books of their very own. Isis thinks it would be important for the student council members to join together and help those students out, and our school would benefit from it too. Today’s readers are our future leader!”

Take a Book…Leave a Book

The proposal went to Mr. Slot, the Lavaca Elementary School Principal, and Lavaca Schools Superintendent, Mr. Rose, for approval without objection. The Book Blessing Box has now become a fixture at the elementary school. It is placed by the flag pole at the main entrance to the school. It is available to all members of the community and the school only asks that people follow proper procedures to ensure that it will continue to be available for all. Those procedures are: 1) On first visit, take a book, read it, enjoy it, return it to box. 2) On each subsequent visit, “take a book, leave a book” to ensure that the box will always remain stocked for others in the community. 3) Only 1 book per visit. Donations to the box is always welcome.

Stundent Council’s Proposal

Author John Piper stated that “Servanthood does not nullify leadership; it defines it.” Based on that definition and the actions of this student council, I can say, with all certainty, that the students of Lavaca Elementary did a fantastic job picking their student council for the 2018-2019 school year. Great Job Arrows!

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