Community Blessings


Blessings come in all shapes, and sizes. In this case, it’s a pink wooden box located behind the Methodist Church at the corner of West Center and South Division streets in Mansfield.

Boxes of this kind have recently sprung into popularity as a resource for those who need to utilize these free offerings from time to time. It’s a means to support the community, and be a Blessing, hence the name.

Churches, businesses, and community members can also donate by placing items in the box in anonymous fashion. It’s not about who, or how. Rather, it’s a sense of caring for those who can benefit from generosity, kindness, and above all, love of neighbor.

Crickett Thomas stated, “We want all churches and organizations to utilize this Blessing Box, and to use it as a service project but most of all, a Blessing those less fortunate!”

Look for the pink blessing box behind the Methodist Church in Mansfield for those who can utilize it’s offerings. Feel free to donate as well.

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    This makes me so happy I have been wanting to get one put up in Mansfield for a long time ! I have talked to a few people about this! I will be putting stuff in this today ! I usually take my stuff to other blessing boxes now my hometown has one

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