Coach Elmore Is The Eye Of The Tiger


By Megan Hecox

Kent Elmore has been a Mansfield Tiger his entire life. Living as a Tiger. Going to school as a Tiger. And playing sports as a Tiger. Its safe to say Coach Kent Elmore has Tiger blood coursing through his veins. Coach Elmore started his coaching career 5 years ago at the young age of 21. It was actually his now principle, Coach Fisher, that inspired Coach Elmore to go into the coaching field. Before they worked together, Mr.Fisher was Coach Elmores high school basketball coach. While away at college playing baseball or intramural basketball, Kent would find himself remembering the values that Coach Fisher had instilled in him and would eventually lead to him pursuing a coaching career.

“My favorite part of coaching is to see the players grow in everything that they do,” says Coach Elmore. “As a coach, you are able to help students better understand the core values of a sport and watch them carry those values into their lives off of the court. On another note, winning and being successful is another great part of coaching. I wanted to have that kind of impact on kids.” If you have never had the chance to see Coach Elmore in coaching action, you can see him and all of the Tigers at the Bill Frye Classic on Thursday, December 27th at 6 pm for the girls and 7:30 pm for the boys.

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