Clem Announces Sebastian Co Assessor Candidacy


I am Ms. Susan Clem, Candidate for Sebastian County Assessor.

I am a fiscally conservative Republican Candidate andhave been a resident of the county for over 40 years. I am a 15-year veteran employee of Sebastian County; I spent seven years working inthe County Sheriff’s Office and then another eight years with the County Assessor’s Office.

Prior to my work with the County, I was a small business owner in Fort Smith for over 12 years operating multiple businesses.

As Office Manager in the Sebastian County Assessor’s Office, in addition to running the office and managing the staff, I completed 276 hours of specialized training in property assessment, cadastral mapping and assessment administration.

I achieved the designations of Level IV Sr. Appraiser and Sr. Administrator. I have a plan to reduce the budget for the Assessor’s Office by $50,000 by eliminating waste and inefficiencies.

If I am elected as the Sebastian County Assessor, to honor my three brothers, who are all military veterans, I will donate $10,000 of my salary, each year that I am in office, to establish The Williams’ Brothers College Scholarship Program, a program that will benefit Sebastian County’s children or grandchildren of Military Veterans and Law Enforcement families.

As a property owner and resident of Sebastian County for over 40 years, I will be dedicated to working for its citizens, as part of my own community, to provide property assessment services that are fair and accurate to promote the highest confidence possible in the Sebastian County Assessor’s Office.

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