City of Lavaca Christmas Parade – Updated


Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus

Photos by Amanda Hall

Tonight small town America looked a lot like a Norman Rockwell painting as Lavaca held it’s annual Christmas Parade. This years parade was a huge success. They had 31 entries and what seemed like the entire town cheering and watching in anticipation of seeing Santa.

The parade started at First Baptist Church and slowly made its way down Main Street. There were fire trucks, police cars, motorcycles, horse drawn wagons, old cars, and floats pulled by trucks of all kinds. The Lavaca High school and Middle school bands marched together and played Christmas music. We saw horses, dogs, a goat, and even a Grinch… And yes Virginia there was a Santa Claus.

The City of Lavaca posted the winners for entries today.

…and the winners are…

See all Amanda’s Parade Photos at

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