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If you are not a dog lover when you go to the Charleston Dog Shelter, you will be one before you leave!  So many dogs of so many ages and breeds are there begging for a hug, a scratch, and attention.  All of these little guys are heartbreakers!

These animals are so precious!  Last Tuesday, a camera club from Fort Smith was busy taking photos of the dogs.  The dogs were posing and putting on the charm!  Of all the dogs there as of Tuesday, the two photos show the ones who melted hearts.  The one photo is of two of the three siblings, Dolly, Linda, and Emmylou. Only two could be caught in one photo! Their breed isn’t known but they are gentle, loving ladies who will melt your heart in an instant!  On the right photo, you’ll find Jack and Dian!  The markings on this brother and sister can’t get justice without seeing them for yourselves!  They were so sweet and loving and fun.  All of these pups and many others are looking for a family to love and take them home.

isn’t easily located by us out-of-town folks. 
Take a left off of Highway 22 (if you are headed east) onto Crestview
Drive.  Turn to the right on Lee Western
Drive and when the road fish hooks to the left, you are there! 

Dana Boland was on hand.  She is the director of the shelter.  When asked what she wanted the public to know, she quickly replied, “Spay and Neuter! Spay and Neuter! If people would spay and neuter their pets, we wouldn’t have shelters like this one.”  Dana lives in Fort Smith and travels to Charleston.  After thinking about it, she remarked how only one of the volunteers lives inside the city.

Charleston Dog Shelter is an all-volunteer organization working to provide shelter and find
forever, loving homes for the dogs that are brought in by the local animal
control agency.
Since the Shelter is run by volunteers so you must make an appointment to visit
to make sure someone can help you.  Call
479-965-3591 for an appointment or make contact through the email address on
their Facebook site.  The shelter CANNOT
take dogs so please, don’t ask or drop them off. They are not equipped to
handle that.

The adoption fee for any dog is $60. All of the dogs are spayed or neutered prior to their adoption. You can’t beat the price because the veterinarian service would be more than that. They may ask for references and may even ask to do a home visit.  They are a very rescue friendly shelter with approved references.

Donations are taken through the City of Charleston and designated “Dog Shelter” are tax-deductible. They are supported totally by private donations. The shelter always needs food, treats, bleach, kennel-stable flying insect spray, Adams Flea Control, Frontline Plus, and weenies.  Yes, weenies!  This helps them train dogs to behave and make better pets! 

I hope to be featuring one
or two or more of these sweet animals every couple of weeks, so look for
that!  Think carefully about making a
donation to help support this great cause.

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