Cedarville Beagle Club Going Strong in Year Two


Open Class Winners from September 29, 2019

After starting the Cedarville Beagle Club in 2018, local residents Jonathan Wells and Robert Lawson Tom continue to hold successful field trials, with hound owners traveling from Kansas and Kentucky to participate. The club has a central meeting hub thanks to Cedarville One Stop owners Richard and Pat Marion. Club members are able to enjoy a country style breakfast before heading out to hunting grounds provided by local land owners.

Youth participation in the club is encouraged, with points awarded to youth members for handling dogs that place in the field or in the show. The youth handlers will receive awards at the end of the year. The awards have been donated by generous club members and include a shotgun for the top finisher and spin cast reels and jackets for the top three finishers.

For more information on the club and future events, contact Jonathan Wells at 479-312-7579 or Robert Lawson Tom at 479-806-3093.

Owner Robert Lawson and 2018 UKC National Run-Off Winner – Sum Beach

Open Class Winners from a trial held on February 24, 2019

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