Caring for Citizens of Greenwood


These days, you would assume that everyone has all that they need to take care of their property. Their home, their yard and any outbuildings should instill a sense of pride in everyone to keep it maintained and looking presentable, right?

When you drive by a home that is less than presentable, do
you assume that the homeowner is lazy or doesn’t care? You can drive around
Greenwood for about 15 minutes and find at least 10 properties that are

Have you ever thought that maybe the homeowner is doing the
best they can?

What I am talking about is a small Community Charitable
Project that started the other day because of something that was posted
elsewhere. Already, there have been volunteers from Greenwood going and helping
others who can’t themselves for free.

There are many elderly and disabled folks in our community of
Greenwood. Some of them do not have access to, or the physical ability to mow
their yards.

We assume that some people don’t care, but I assure you that
they do.

There are individuals and businesses that provide mowing
services or just mow for the enjoyment. And there are some people that love to
paint, they are good at it and they also enjoy it.

It’s not a surprise, a fresh-cut lawn looks great and we feel
good. Just the same, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to a person’s

With these recent storms, there is a lot of debris that needs
cleaned up. Look around your neighborhood and see where you can help any time
of the year.

For the future, keep it up. They say it takes a village to
raise a child. I say it takes a caring community to grow a community.

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