Car Problems That Everyone Has


For over a century, we’ve all depended on transportation via a vehicle—whether that vehicle had an engine or was pulled by horses. However, vehicles became especially important for those of us living in rural areas, especially when we have a long commute to get to a major grocery store. That said, we’re all guaranteed to run into some car problems at some point. Luckily, we’re all in this together; check out these common car problems that everyone has.

Warning lights

It seems like there’s a warning light for just about anything on our car nowadays. Think about it: there are even lights and sensors to let you know your tires need a little more air. However, without these lights, we may drive around and cause harm to our vehicles. That said, every vehicle is different—some models arguably have too many warning lights, while others have very few. Either way, you should have your vehicle’s manual so that you can know what’s wrong. If you don’t have the manual, many manufacturers have online versions available on their website.

Low or dead battery

If your car is having a hard time starting, or it doesn’t want to start at all, you probably need a new battery. Luckily, a bad battery is relatively easy to notice. Your engine may stutter when trying to start, and most vehicles have a warning light to let you know your car isn’t starting. Helpful, isn’t it? The common culprit for a dead battery is leaving your lights on when the car isn’t running. However, it’s possible that your battery merely ran through its life and needs a replacement.

Failed emissions

Everybody knows that driving is bad for the environment for several reasons. However, the government does regulate emissions and that’s why some states require an emissions test. Arkansas doesn’t require residents to have tests, but they do encourage us to maintain our vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint. If your car sounds weird and smells bad, you may have an emissions issue. In that case, you should reach out to a mechanic for a repair.

Flat tires

Unfortunately, everyone will get a flat tire at some point in their life. Of course, you should know how to change a tire when that does happen, but you also should do your best to avoid a flat in the first place. There are some common reasons for a flat tire and most of these are easily avoidable. Nonetheless, if your tire treads are nearly bald, you need new tires as soon as possible.

Whether people are driving in rural areas like us or in a major city, there are certain car problems that everyone has to faceeventually. Even if we take care of our cars, they’re prone to breaking down at some point. However, if you know how to react and do your best to avoid the problems, you’ll know what to do when the problem does arrive.

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