Businesses Gone: The Douglas Superette


The city of Lavaca had at least four ‘mom and pop’ grocers in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Most were combined with other businesses such as sundries, dry goods and such. In 1966, Charlie and Sedalia Douglas build and opened a new business in Lavaca: the Douglas Superette! 

This concrete block building was located on the north side of Main Street in downtown.  It was as modern of a store that you could ask for in the mid-1960.  The shelves were stocked with anything a person could need to run a household.  Charlie ran the meat counter, offering fresh cuts of meat every day of the week.  One person replied, “Other area merchants didn’t have reliable meat selections at the time. Charlie’s meats were always good and fresh!” 

People would come in and visit, drink a Coke and hang around, keeping the small town atmosphere in the newest store the town had seen up to that point.

The Douglas’ had a great time running the store and helping
people and became very loyal customers and friends.  The business sold in 1972 to their friend,
Woody Green and became the Green Superette! 
This building is still on Main Street and was a gas station/convenience
store and is a hair salon today.  People
still have fond memories of the times they shared in the Douglas Superette.

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