Business Owner Donates to Support Mansfield Schools


When a community suffers, community comes together. That’s exactly what happened this morning.

Local business owner, David Ludwig of 71 Express in Mansfield went to work Tuesday evening orchestrating an act of kindness that will last for days. This act is more than giving, it’s relief, and comfort for the kids of Mansfield School District.

“After reading the story on Resident Press about how the school district is working overtime to provide water for the students, I knew it was something I could help with” stated Ludwig. It didn’t take long for Ludwig’s motions to go to work.

Shortly after 8:30am, a Hiland Dairy truck showed up at Mansfield High School with (3) pallets of bottled water. Ludwig along with MSD Maintenance staff went to work unloading the first pallet of bottled water. Over 2,000 bottles were unloaded in minutes.

MSD employee, Ronnie Black (left), and David Ludwig (right) is shown loading cases of water onto a dolly to be transported into one of the schools this morning.

Then, truck made it’s way to the Mansfield Middle School. Another full pallet was unloaded, case by case.

Lastly, the assembled team reached the Mansfield Elementary School where the last pallet was unloaded.

All in all, (3) pallets totaling just over 6100 bottles of water were donated, and unloaded for each school to utilize.

A Hiland delivery driver patiently waits to take a load into the Mansfield Elementary school as Ludwig (center), and Mansfield Superintendent, Robert Ross loads cases of bottled water.

“Even though it’s the season of giving, we all can do our part in dire situations such as this. Community comes first, and that involves our kids!” added Ludwig.

We’d personally like to extend our fullest gratitude to David Ludwig of 71 Express, for his kindness, and generosity. Also, a HUGE thanks is extended to all of Mansfield School District Maintenance / Janitorial staff who helped unload the cases of water.

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7 Replies to “Business Owner Donates to Support Mansfield Schools”

  1. Robin ward says:

    That was a great thing to do David Ludwig appreciate it so much.

  2. Mark M says:

    Thanks David and 71 Express. THIS is REAL community leadership!

  3. Joanne Reagan says:

    All parents of students in mansfield schools appreciate the generosity on behalf of the students.
    Maybe the schools won’t charge the students 1.00 per bottle of water now. Some parents have enough to worry about as far as breakfast and lunch for the kids in school. They can’t all afford additional money for water too.

  4. Shelia Carson says:

    Thank you David for assisting our schools, that was the work of a servant. Thank you for your generosity!!

  5. Kandis Howard says:

    This was very much appreciated by the kids at school today!! They were so excited! Thank you for caring about our kids!!

  6. Francie Cunningham says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! Thank you David, for giving back to our community and thinking of the kîds!

  7. Lisa Elmore says:

    Thank you David for your generosity!

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