Bulldogs Sink To Dover Pirates


Last night the Waldron Bulldogs took a tough loss for the team when they fell to the Dover Pirates 18-3. Although they fought hard til the end, it just wasn’t enough to overpower the Pirates. Waldron sits on the season with a 3-12 record.

The Bulldogs hosted four pitchers on the mound during the game. Braden Williams threw 32 pitches to 9 batters. He also scored two runs, two hits, one runner batted in, one steal, and three putouts. Caden Fuller tossed 46 pitches to 12 batters striking out two. He also made one run and one steal. Clayton Montgomery hurled 18 pitches to three batters. And Jayden McConnell catapulted 56 pitches to 14 batters striking out one.

Ruben Valdez netted one RBI and one steal. Drake Carnley landed one hit. Tyler Owens established one hit, one RBI, and one steal. Bryson Bailey obtained two putouts. And Seth Hunt snagged one putout. Tonight the Waldron Bulldogs will host the 2-9 Cedarville Pirates with a game time of 4:30 p.m.

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