Bulldogs Golf Isn’t Putt’n Around When it Comes to Winning


By Megan Hecox

I think its safe to say for the most part the general public doesn’t really know what it takes to be a golfer. Not only is it a physical game but its a constant mental battle with yourself. Instead of 36 other teammates, you might have 3 or 4 but mainly it’s just you and the open green. Left alone with your own thoughts as you stand in front of hundreds of people, tightly gripping your club with twenty seconds to determine your entire game plan. Picking lines, landing spots, potential misses, and the changing weather conditions just to name a few. Now do that eighteen times (for your standard golf play)

As an adult, I’m already exhausted just thinking about it, let alone attempting it as a high schooler. I’m also that person you don’t want to take to play miniature golf unless your well rested, hydrated and have about six hours to kill. Surely I’m not the only one who plays like Happy Gilmore and shoots a twenty above par, right?

But the incredibly talented group of kids that make up the Waldron Boys and Girls Golf teams, continue to prove that nothing is going to defeat them. Both boys and girls teams played back to back matches this last week resulting in some impressive results. On Monday, September 3rd, the team played at Cherokee Creek Golf Course in Booneville. The boys’ team finished as Runner-ups with a combined score of 140. Jaden Hutchins shot a 44 while both Drew Owens and Brody Jones each shot a 48. The girls’ team had two young ladies present to represent the Bulldogs, each placing in the individual’s category. Rena Owens shot a 52 which landed her in 2nd place overall and Kaylin Watson finished in 3rd place overall with a score of 54.

On Tuesday, September 4th, the Bulldogs made their way to Little Creek Country Club in Ratcliff to compete against individuals and teams from Booneville, Charleston, Mansfield, and Paris. The boys’ team made out like bandits, walking away with a 1st place title from a combined score of 135. Jaden Hutchens shot a 42. Brody Jones shot a 45. And Drew Owens followed in with a 48. The girls’ team, who is never one to disappoint, placed 2nd with a combined score of 166. Kaylin Watson shot a 52. Rena Owens shot a 55. And Madison Patrick rounded it out with a 59.

The Waldron Golf team has one more match at Deer Trails Golf Course in Fort Smith at Chafee Crossing on September 10th at 4 pm. Then it is on to the District Tournament on September 17th at the Cherokee Creek Golf Course in Booneville. Be sure to show your support to this wonderful group of kids as they continue upward in the golfing community.

Pictures provided by Sandy Tull



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