Bring on the Bands!


Christopher, and Caitlyn Welch of ARV Bands joins Resident Press to cover area High School bands.

Sports, or the High School experience as a whole wouldn’t be as colorful without the sounds of a band, giving the home town crowd a centered pride.

Bands dictate the mood of the game as does the officiating. But, they also play a vital role in the game itself, which can set the tone to ignite the crowd, in turn giving their team much needed inspiration.

Resident Press is proud to announce a partnership with ARV Bands, owned and operated by Christopher, and Caitlyn Welch of Van Buren.

Christopher started Arkansas River Valley Bands as an Instagram account in 2017 to highlight the hard work and dedication of area high school students. He also wanted to promote Drum Corps International in the River Valley.

His wife, Caitlyn became involved while they were dating. She started out just attending the games with him. But, today she records the halftime show and helps in any way that she can.

Their love for music education comes from their time as band students themselves and now educators in the Fort Smith Public School District.

Together they will cover the bands, drumline, and associated aspects of the bands within our coverage area.

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