Bonanza PD Awarded Lifesaving Equipment Grant to Help Keep Community Safe


Bonanza, Ark  The past year and a half have been difficult for many, impacting first responders and communities across the country. As we continue to battle health crises and natural disasters, front-line heroes constantly expose themselves to dangerous situations, creating a need for updated lifesaving equipment. 

Recognizing this need, Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation®continues to be a valuable resource for first responders across the nation and recently provided a $29,874 grant to the Bonanza Police Department. The funding will be applied toward the purchase of radios for Bonanza officers and patrol vehicles, which will be used to ensure greater lifesaving capabilities for first responders in the community. 

“We are grateful to Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation and our local Firehouse Subs in Fort Smith, for awarding us this grant,”said Bonanza Police Chief Mike Barber. “By providing radios, ourfirst responders will be able to serve the people of Bonanza duringemergency situations, especially during the upcoming holiday season.”

During the most recent grant cycle, the Foundation awarded 126grants to public safety organizations nationwide. The 126 grants totaling nearly $2.7 million were given to organizations in need of critical lifesaving equipment and resources. 

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