Bigfoot Spotted In Waldron



In a strange turn of events, it looks to be that Bigfoot is real. Mr. Foot has been spotted by locals in the town of Waldron. Although he has shown no signs of being aggressive, he does seem to have a real taste for cat food. Waldron local Mrs. Kitty Feline owns the towns largest collection of Amazonian cats and she is pretty upset with Mr.Foot and his unyielding hunger.

Bigfoot checking out downtown Waldron

“He has been eating my babies food all morning,” proclaims Mrs.Feline. “It is to the point to where my cats don’t feel safe anymore. They have been crying in hunger all day. Bigfoot even had the nerve to try to trick me into thinking he was one of my cats by loudly meowing like them. Someone needs to do something!”

We will keep everyone posted on this #FakeNews in hopes that the sitution gets resolved fast.

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