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We are on the eve of an exciting time, elections. Wait, what? You’re not looking forward to the onslaught of tv commercials and mailings from candidates scowering for your vote? Well, I get it. But as the filing periods open for candidates I want you to know that this IS an exciting time.

As Americans, we still have the freedom to cast our ballots and choose the candidate who aligns with our personal ideals and beliefs. For some, their duty, as they see it, ends there. But, there’s more, so much more to holding our government accountable.

Now, I am not going to pretend I know all the answers, I can barely scratch the surface in this humble editorial. However, I see it each and every day. Disgruntled citizens who take to social media to vent their frustrations. I am grateful we have that right, too. But at what point do we seek change?

Change won’t come easily, and at a sacrifice, most aren’t willing to make. Involvement beyond the ballot box…there are so many opportunities locally and beyond. In the last election, there were so few poll workers it was a struggle for those who showed up.

What about running for a local office or school board? I spoke with the county clerk once and she told me there was such little interest in the school board race she had to ask the candidates to come down to vote for themselves. Folks, that’s sad.

With the upcoming election on the horizon, I am seeing a few candidates come out who are just everyday, common folks. They feel a call to step up and do what they feel needs to be done. I love that! I would love to see others do the same.

We will be co-hosting a political event with Scott County’s newly formed Tea Party in December. This is your chance to go beyond the ballot box. Show up, ask the questions, get first-hand information to help make you a better-informed voter!

We’ll see you there!

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Tammy Teague

Tammy Teague

Mansfield native, with roots in Scott County. Daughter, sister, wife and Christian. Education: 1995 MHS graduate; 1999 Arkansas Tech University Graduate - BA in Journalism. Career: Managing Editor - The Citizen; Copy Writer - Southwest Times Record; 20+ years experience in the news.

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