Beta Club Roster Filled with Racers

(Pictured above) Natalie Brewer, Bree George, Megan Rose, Elizabeth Escalante, Corrina Wesley, and Addison Goetz of the Mansfield Beta Club.

Friday mid-morning, the 2017 Beta Club initiation took place at Mansfield High School. Several honorees were newly inducted into the high academic achievement organization. Among the many to join the already placed participants were several Mansfield cross country runners.

“We may have the highest accumulative GPA of any team on campus,” said Mansfield coach John Mackey. “Nearly every one of our girls is on that academic roster. It’s a real blessing to have highly motivated students in the classroom that also want to compete on the athletic stage.”

Among the Beta Club members that also participate in cross country are: Natalie Brewer, Corrina Wesley, Breanna George, Maggie Strunk, Addison Goetz, Megan Rose, and Elizabeth Escalante.

The National Beta Club is an organization whose main purpose is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership and service among elementary and secondary schools.

Mansfield elects its members to the honor society based upon these high standards. To remain in the club, strict adherence to these frameworks must be maintained by the students. 


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