Beauty and Brawn: Waldrons Homecoming Court


By Megan Hecox

The Waldron Bulldogs put on a spectacular Homecoming on Friday, October 12th. Shortly after, the Bulldogs would go on to win their Sr High football game against the Subiaco Trojans 36-29. Pictured below is the 2018 Homecoming Court.


Hannah Jeffries and escort Jarrod Starr

Taylor Horn with escort Dalton Sanders


Irelynn Carpenter and escort Drew Dozier

Brittany Fletcher and escort Levi Hayden

Tara Nix and escort Ramon Pedro

Alissa Bolin and escort Andy Chang

Adrianna Slater



Maggie Hutchens with escorts Dayton Manning and George Breshears

Jasmine Manning with escorts Ethan Fielding and Nickolas Brown

Letzy Falcon with escorts James Severens and Mason Cox

Lillian Collett with escorts Caleb Hudman and Ethan Vincent

Queen Mackinzie Callahon with escorts Rick Hinojosa and Spencer Chapel

Photos courtesy of Sandy Tull


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