You should have been there! 
Beautifully decorated baskets, filled to the top with all sorts of items
from kitchen utensils, Valentine stuffed animals and chocolate to brand new
Crock Pot’s filled with different tools for that cook in the house-all were
prizes for the winning.  Enterprise
Freewill Baptist Church ladies sponsored their annual “Baskets Galore”
activities this past Saturday night. 
Tickets were sold at the door for a quarter each.  Those tickets could be placed in paper bags
beside the basket you wanted to win at the end of the night. Twenty-four feet
of table tops were lined on either side with baskets, big and small to choose
from.  A round table and even the
Fellowship Hall piano were covered as well. 
Gigantic baskets were also there in a Silent Auction and drew many bids.

And it that wasn’t exciting enough, the church ladies prepared
finger foods of all kinds!  You should
have seen it!  What a spread! No one left
hungry or unhappy.  Even though everyone
didn’t win a basket, everyone had a great night.  Under the watchful eye of her
great-grandmother Elenor Ingle, even young little Miss Paige Wilson won a
basket and, as you can see was beaming with pride.

The Enterprise ladies are working hard to pave our church
parking lots in an effort to make it easier for members and visitors to park
and enter the church.  You can’t keep
those ladies down.  It will be done!  You can donate to, if you’d like!

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