Barn Quilt Project Announced


Last month, the Lavaca Area Chamber of Commerce met with Renee Carr. She is with the Rural Community Alliance and is helping the chamber with its newest exciting project. Barn Quilts are painted wooden material that measure from four to eight feet square. Each piece of wood is painted like a quilt square that represents the area in which it is found. You can see examples here:

These quilts are known for the vibrant colors and historical meaning to each block. The Military Road Museum will be sponsoring one that is 8×8 and will depict the Trail of Tears, highlighting the plight of the Five Civilized Tribes that walked directly through our little town back in the early 1800s.

Renee Carr will be helping us and Chamber member and city councilwoman Lorie Robertson will be the lady in charge of this project for Sebastian County.

As of this writing, we have over twenty places chosen to highlight the historical places of interest in this area. Look for it soon!

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