Austin No Shows City Council Meeting


Minutes before last Thursday nights Mansfield City Council’s weekly meeting, it was recognized that the Mansfield Mayor would be late. In fact, he didn’t show up at all and offered no reason as to why.

Showing poise, and a professional demeanor, Mansfield Recorder / Treasurer, Becky Walker took the helm of the meeting directing the Council through each item on the agenda. Opinions varied on the Mayor’s disappearance, and the council members centered on the bigger picture and task at hand.

Was the Mayor’s vanishing act due to the fact of potential questioning of a “wink-wink” meeting between Mayor Austin, Public Works Director, Ken Swilling, and Clay Davis who recently gave his 2-week notice? This meeting supposedly offered Davis the Public Works Director position.

Or, was it because of the Mayor’s ordering of motors for the Wastewater plant SAM’s unit without consent of the City Council?

The motors which were ordered without City Council vote, were purchased by the Mayor who went above his approved purchase limit of $5,000. Aside from ordering the motors, the council was educated that the motors would not work long, if at all. The ordered motors were 3-phase, thus needing additional wiring to work in the plant. Another added cost and further expense.

This weeks weekly City Council meeting should offer some insight into the motives, and current situation around the decisions being made by Mayor Austin.

Council member Rick McDaniel stated, “The community members need to start voicing their opinions, and start showing up at these meetings to show their concern.”

You can watch the full LIVE stream video from this meeting by clicking HERE

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  1. Ginner says:

    He never listens anyway and does what ever he wants like the motors ,sure hope they can be returned.

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