Arkansas Army National Guard opens Route to ease traffic flow

The Arkansas National Gaurd Posted the following today on it’s Facebook page.

“The Arkansas National Guard is opening First Avenue at the Fort Chaffee main gate and Fort Smith Boulevard on Hwy 96 on Fort Chaffee at 3 p.m. today to assist residents of Lavaca and Greenwood, due to flooding from the Arkansas River that led to closures of parts of Highways 255 and 22. Residents should be aware that Fort Smith Boulevard is a gravel improved road intended for military vehicles and some vehicles with low clearance may experience difficulties on the road due to its current condition. Civilians utilizing the road are reminded to obey posted speed limits while on Fort Chaffee and to not deviate from the prescribed route. Access to other areas on Fort Chaffee is restricted due to ongoing training and current operations. Speed limits along this route is 25 mph. Law Enforcement and Military Police will be present to monitor traffic and control access to other parts of the installation.

The Arkansas National Guard’s Fort Chaffee facility is uniquely located and is proud to assist area residents to alleviate an already challenging situation for residents of the local communities. Access to Fort Chaffee for residents to transit through will continue until flood waters have receded and the flooded roads are determined safe to travel again. Area residents with any questions about access to Fort Chaffee should contact the Fort Chaffee Operations Officer direct at 479-484-2201 during normal duty hours.”

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2 Replies to “Arkansas Army National Guard opens Route to ease traffic flow”

  1. Kathie Hendrix says:

    Can they open Biggs street up by moving boulders and a light weight fence. People need to get to work and Drs appointments. We have no way out.

  2. cali says:

    Can we get to this location off of Butler St in central if the vache grasse bridge is closed ?

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