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Test Time

Lavaca High School posted, “The 11th grade ACT exam at Lavaca High School will be Wednesday, February 20. Testing will begin right after the first bell. Please encourage your student to get a good night’s rest and be at school on time Wednesday morning.” I did some research that will hopefully help the students prepare. There are several free sights out on the web. Here are a few tips that I found that seamed to be common amongst multiple sources.

General ACT Testing Strategies

These are general strategies for improving your overall performance on the ACT.

Don’t Stress.
The day prior to testing should be a day of relaxation. The ACT is testing you on the knowledge you all ready have. It’s testing you on what you have already learned throughout your high school career, so stressing and cramming for it now will will only cause you to have test anxiety. So, relax….you got this.

Be familiar with the testing process.
Google is our friend. If this is the first time taking the test, you can google ACT tests and find a plethora of information to familiarize yourself with what to expect. This will give you confidence going into the test since you already know what to expect.

Answer easy questions first.
Skip the answers you are unsure of and come back to them after you finish the ones you are sure of. Make sure to mark the questions you skip in your booklet so that you can easily find them later. You don’t want to miss the many questions that you know while pondering the ones you are unsure of. Also, you may find the answer that your looking for in another question.

Do NOT write on the answer sheet, use your booklet for that.
The answer sheet is scanned and graded by a machine. If you have markings on the answer sheet, other than your answers, it may throw of the machine. Your booklet, however, is yours. You can mark it up all you want.

There is only one correct answer.
Sometimes it may seam like there are multiple correct answers, but there is only one. Choose the one that is most correct.

Questions get harder as you progress through the test.
Typically, the ACT starts with the easier questions and gets more difficult as you move on. This will make it easier for you to budget your time in each section.

Multiple Guess.
When you get to a question that you just cant figure out, just make an educated guess. You will want to eliminate as many incorrect answers as possible and choose the answer that makes the most sense. There is no point deduction for wrong answers – so roll the dice and hope you’re right.

Budget your time.
Don’t waste your time. Give yourself no more than 2 minutes for the harder questions and 10 to 20 seconds on the easier questions. The ACT has of 4-5 sections and they are timed. Always know how much time you have left in each section..

Read each question carefully.
Can not stress this enough! It is in our nature to make assumption. However, you never want to assume you know the question being asked, you need to know exactly what is being asked. Read the question in it’s entirety. Read it multiple times if necessary.

Trust your first instinct.
Do not change your answers unless you are absolutely sure that you made a mistake. More often than not your first answer will be the correct answer.

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