A Technical History on Seb Co Coal Mining


On Sunday, November 19, the W. J. Hamilton Memorial Museum will open its doors to area residents who are interested in the history of the coal mines in Sebastian County.  Mr. John Dill, a resident of South Sebastian County, will present photos and information from his book, “Sebastian County Arkansas Coal Mining:  A Technical History.”

Mr. Dill’s interest in coal mining began when he was a young boy whose parents cautioned him to stay away from abandoned coal mines located near their home.  Mr. Dill said his interest only heightened due to the warnings of his parents and that over the years he has compiled the information now published in his book.  “This book is not so much about miners as it is an informal look at the mining companies and the mines. In a small way it is also a limited local history of the railroads which were very closely associated with the coal mining industry.”

Mr. Dill’s presentation will begin at 2 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, at the W. J. Hamilton Memorial Museum, 28 South Broadway, Hartford, AR.  Please join us to welcome Mr. Dill to the Museum and to Hartford, a community rich in coal mining history.

This event is FREE to public.

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