A Taste Above The Rest


The Taste Station, quietly sits at 223 S Highway 71 in Huntington, Arkansas with it’s bright neon lights emitting a mesmerizing glow during the night. It’s a welcoming invitation to some amazingly good eats, and service with a smile. During the day, there are no lights, no flashy advertising, just a brown trailer. But, don’t judge this book by it’s cover. Seriously.

Opening up business shortly before winter, this mobile style restaurant has quickly gained notoriety for it’s freshly prepared food. Appropriately named, The Taste Station is just that. With a menu to suit any appetite, the taste is beyond satisfying. The fresh cut fries, oh my, you must try! And, don’t forget about the hand battered onion rings!


The onion rings as a side to the chicken sandwich is simple perfection.

Their specialty is burgers, and fries. But, it’s not your average “burger and fries” and it’s not fast food. Sure, you can pull up, order, and watch traffic pass by as you wait. The food itself is nothing but absolutely amazing.

The jovial staff is always serving up smiles with every order.  There’s a lot of heart behind The Tasta Starion, and even more love that goes out with every order.

And, if you’re up for a challenge, you should try the family burger, which is well over a pound before it’s dressed to your liking.


Their cheeseburger is to die for. Oh, the fries! Don’t forget the fries!

RP staff highly recommends The Taste Station. When you’re ready to order, you can do so by calling (479) 459-1405, or stop by in person.

You can also visit their Facebook page HERE to see specials, and their menu.

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3 Replies to “A Taste Above The Rest”

  1. Lisa Cass says:

    One of the best burgers around!

  2. Steve Proffitt Sr says:

    I’m vary proud of you and your family. You gays hang in there. We love you . Dad.

  3. Adam Hecox says:

    If they ever want to paint up the outside of the trailer they operate out of, I’d gladly knock out whatever they wanted on there merely to keep the business (& delicious food) around. I love that place. Great friendly folks & delicious food. It’s REALLY hard to find places like this around now days.

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