A Perspective on Print


Admittedly, I was totally against the idea of print.

In the months leading up to the moment where we released our first version of printed news, the idea was to fill a void.

That void was readership not reached by online, mobile app, and social media.Our staff were asked weekly, if and when we were going to go print. That answer was met with an astounding response.

75 printed copies SOLD OUT (May 7th)

150 printed copies SOLD OUT (May 14th)

Now, facing our third edition it’s apparent that printed news is still a factor in our lives. Here’s why.

There’s value in print.

The value of photos and names in print is significant through history. Many generations still understand the power (and the feeling) of seeing your name / photo in print. It’s magical.

It’s tangible.

People still like to hold something to read with both hands, and not have to scroll. That feeling of holding print paper, turning the pages and hearing the distinctive sound is reminiscent of younger days. A time that’s past, maybe.


There is a simple joy in collecting newspapers for coffee tables, and the moment to enjoy breakfast with friends, family or even alone with a newspaper nearby. It’s comforting.

My final perspective is this. I personally witnessed tears of joy on May 7th due to the fact of being able to hold and to read a newspaper that was curated with heart. It truly means something to a lot of people, including those who tirelessly worked behind the scenes to make it work, and to make it happen.

Resident Press stepped into a niche where others are vacating. In a world where “tech is king,” our staff and business model revolve around a continued effort of providing locally focused news, and to do things our own way.

We have never followed a road map. But, we listen and we listen carefully. Additionally, we take pride in what we do for you.

In the wise words of Bill Mullens, “Support your local newspaper.”

Thank you for supporting us!

We’d love your feedback!

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One Reply to “A Perspective on Print”

  1. Jack James says:

    I run Lavaca’s Military Road Museum. I have every copy of the newspapers that were printed for this town in my collection. The ability to stroll back in time and see the activities, headlines, prices, and photos of years ago is something that isn’t available in our latest technology. I appreciate all of the stories online and read every word, but seeing yesterday in print is like a memory of our better days.

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