A New take on Thanksgiving


With the way this year is going the holidays are going to look different for so many. Because of the virus many people may choose not to celebrate in the ways they always have. I know for my family we will be doing Thanksgiving and likely later Christmas differently.

But we will also be starting a new tradition this year. My best friend texted a couple months ago and asked if we could do a “Friendsgiving”. I am always game for food and hanging out with my friend and her family! Of course the answer was YES!

“Friendsgiving” started its climb to being a well known term in 2013, and has been gaining popularity ever since. It began as a popular experience for college kids who were not going to be able to make it home to their families and were celebrating with friends instead.

Because our families will have a different Thanksgiving experience this year it is really a breath of fresh air to have something new. We have quarantined with them in a way, because we have seen each other throughout the pandemic so this seems like a simple choice to continue seeing each other.

On the menu was chicken, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, macaroni and cheese, green beans with bacon, and Oreo dirt cake. It was all delicious and ate with lots of laughter! Our three year olds enjoyed lunchables and playing.

Finding a normal this year seems to be next to impossible; it’s just a rough year. If your holidays are looking different, perhaps you can find someone you are already seeing and celebrate with them. Or focus on being together with those in your home.

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