7th Grade Tigers Secure Winning Streak


The Mansfield 7th Grade Tigers dominated in the Lavaca Jamboree this past Saturday, January 26th. Both Tiger and Lady Tiger teams went unbeaten in their games against Cedarville and Lavaca.

Tyler Turnipseed

The Lady Tigers remain UNDEFEATED 9-0 in their season play. The girls beat Cedarville 25-2 in their first game of the Jamboree. Kynslee Ward and Alyson Edwards tied with 8 points apiece for their team. Raine Hecox secured 5 points for the Lady Tigers and Harlie Fuller brought in the remaining 4 points. In their second game of the day, the Lady Tigers slammed dunked a score of 36-18 against the Lady Arrows. Alyson Edwards led the team in 13 points. Harlie Fuller brought in 11 points. And combining for a total of 12 points were Kynslee Ward, Raine Hecox, and Kaile Sysakayavong.

Harlie Fuller, Raine Hecox, Kaile Sysakayavong, Alyson Edwards, and Kynslee Ward

The boys’ team showed up to take down the Pirates and the Arrows and ended leaving their mark on both teams. The Tigers faced Cedarville first and after wearing down their competition, the boys sunk the Pirates 17-5. For their last game of the Jamboree against Lavaca, the Tigers were hard to match putting it all on the line to make a stunning 31-28 defeat against the Arrows. Tyler Turnipseed and Payton Martin were the top players for the Tigers in both games.

Zach Hayslip

The Mansfield 7th Grade Tigers will have one last go-round of the season when they take on the Booneville Bearcats on Wednesday, January 30th at 4 pm at home.

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