7th Grade Bulldogs Lead The Pack


Erin Robertson

It was heart and dedication that the Waldron 7th Grade Bulldogs showed up with during this past Saturdays Jamboree. Both boys and girls teams show great promise for next seasons Jr High squad and most definitely will not want to be messed with.

Katie Stringer and Reagan Adams

The Lady Bulldogs went to battle with the Cedarville Pirates and the Mansfield Tigers. Although the girls lost both of their games, they did come out nicely, in the end, making a combined total of 21 rebounds. Katie Stringer brought in 6 points combined for the Lady Bulldogs while Erin Robertson secured 2. The final scores of the day were Waldron vs Mansfield 48-4 and Waldron vs Cedarville 15-4.

Photo by Jennie Davis

The Bulldogs traveled to Cedarville to play their games against the Pirates and the Mansfield Tigers. The boys’ team was victorious in both of their match-ups in the Jamboree. Head Coach, Josh Atchley had this to say about his Bulldogs games, “We hit tons of shots against Mansfield in the first game to pull away from them and held Cedarville to 16 in the second game on the defensive end.”

The 7th Grade Bulldogs will host the Waldron Jamboree this Saturday starting at 9 am.


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