7th Grade Boys Show Strength at Booneville Track Meet


The Mansfield 7th Grade Boys recently attended the Booneville Track meet where they placed in multiple heats, and winning one event.

Many surrounding schools attended this meet, where Mansfield had a strong showing.

Long Jump
Riley Sadoski- 6th overall

High Jump
Riley Sadoski-6th overall
Brandon Carver-3rd Overall

100 M Hurdles
Brandon Carver 2nd overall
Austin Carlton 6th Overall

4×100 M Relay
Mansfield 3rd overall
Riley Sadoski
Tyler Escalante
Austin Carlton
Brandon Carver

400 M Dash
Tyler Escalante 4th overall

300 M Hurdles
Brandon Carver 2nd overall
Austin Carlton 6th overall

800 M Run
Steven Perez 3rd Overall

200 M Dash
Riley Sadoski 5th Overall

4×400 Relay
Riley Sadoski
Tyler Escalante
Steven Perez
Brandon Carver


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