2017 Mansfield Christmas Parade Sees Growth


If you were to have stood along the streets of Mansfield last Saturday, you would not only witnessed an amazing Christmas parade, but seen the growth from last year.

From families, and children enjoying the day of festivities to the never ending array of floats and antique automobiles, and you can’t forget about the kids who dressed up as Santa, Elves, and so on. The joy of a small town Christmas parade was easily seen, and enjoyed by all.

Here’s our view in pictures. Enjoy.

Corporal Tom Garrison (near), and Sergeant Stephen Westbrook (far) from the Mansfield Police Department lead the parade convoy down main street. Thanks for all you do for our town. We appreciate your service!

Sebastian County Sheriff, William Hollenbeck is greeted by the crowd. Great to see you, Sheriff. Thanks for all you, and your department does for our community.

Mansfield Volunteer Fire Dept, Huntington Volunteer Fire Dept, and an array of area departments were in full force at the parade. Thank you all for what you do!

2017 Mansfield Christmas Parade Grand Marshall’s, Billy and Cindy Frye.

1st Place (Float Division) – Jiffy Print / Resident Press

2nd Place (Float Division) – Mansfield United Methodist Church

3rd Place (Float Division) – Girl Scouts (no image available)

1st Place (Non-Float Division) – Echo the horse, Alayna Turner & Belle

2nd Place (Non-Float Division) – Mansfield Elementary Kindergarten

3rd Place (Non-Float Division) – BIG Trucks!!!!

Santa made his way down main street, and is now back at the North Pole. Thank you, Santa!

We’d like to commend the City of Mansfield Public Works Department, Robert & Becky Walker, the parade participants and all those of you who attended the 2017 Mansfield Christmas parade, and made it GREAT!

We’ll see you next year! Have a Merry Christmas.

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2 Replies to “2017 Mansfield Christmas Parade Sees Growth”

  1. Corrected! Thanks.

  2. Rick M says:

    I could’ve swore Santa Claus was from the north pole not the south pole

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