2015 Flood 2.0


It would be hard not to see or understand how much rain we received this past weekend. Some reports have stated that any where between 8″ – 12″ of rain fell in our area. This past May, we also received torrential amounts of rain, that were quick to flood creeks, rivers, and most anything that held water. See that story HERE.

This past weekend, we noticed that it wasn’t only how much rain fell, but how quickly. Creeks began making their way into massive rivers that tore into anything that was standing, or impeded its progress. Roads were impassible, and were closed to the flooding, making it hard to get any where, safely.

We want to say a special THANK YOU to all the Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Fire Departments, and Emergency Units that took time away from their Holiday festivities to make sure everyone stayed safe.


James Fork Creek


Rock Creek calmly flows back down to normal


Chocoville Road has major damage near the bridge. BE CAREFUL!

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