Lavaca’s CVs Remodels


This past Saturday was a perfect day for a cookout! That’s just what happened in the parking lot of the new and improved CV’s Family Foods in Lavaca. Store manager Jamie Hamby had a large grill from Johnsonville Brats pulled up to the door and gave away free hotdogs and samples of the meat department’s best steaks.

Since Hamby moved to Lavaca’s CV’s location he has worked very hard to make the store more attractive to area shoppers. He and his associates have gone through the store with a fine-tooth comb searching for out-of-date or nearly so from store shelves. The produce department has been revamped as has the meat department.

The management of CV’s recently overhauled the entire store with new signage inside and out, bright department signs, murals, and even new lighting. The outside got a fresh paint job and a larger, updated logo replaces the old one that has hung there since the store was built. Hamby said, “We are working to make the area shoppers experience an even greater one when they come to their Lavaca CV’s Family Foods. I would like to invite everyone to come to see the progress we have made.”

Lavaca’s CV’s Family Foods is a proud member of the Lavaca Area Chamber of Commerce and provides many services and a great help in its activities and projects.

Other projects are coming to Lavaca and will be announced soon. An antique shop is opening soon. Stay tuned in to Resident Press for updates!

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  1. Wildstar says:

    Great Job! Way to Go Greatheart!

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