Hackett Hornets Bowl Big


With the Lady Hornets away at basketball and cheer, it was up to the boys to bring home a big win for the Hackett Hornets Bowling Team. And they did just that.

The Hornets won big in last nights bowling match against Haas Hall Springdale. The top bowler from the boys’ team was Tanner Wright with a score of 199. Hunter Christenberry had his best game of the year bowling a 133 and continues to improve daily.

Pacey McBride

Up next for the team are the Van Buren Pointers. Coach Matt Whitsett tells us what the Hornets are expecting in Thursday’s game, “Van Buren is a very talented team. They might just be one of the best teams I have seen bowl this year. For the Hornets to win it’s going to take a lot of focus and prayer.” 

The Hornets play at Bowling World this Thursday, January 24 at 4 pm.

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